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The Sound of Monday: Monday's Sound

It's The Sound of Monday on Dave Jay Tuesday!

Monday's Sound is a new segment to share about the sounds that make our Mondays richer!

"Breakaway", the last Capitol Records single by The Beach Boys, is perhaps my favorite recording of all time--it has so many melodies, harmonies, and rhythms in delightful point-n-counterpoint, that it always stirs my soul, no matter my mood. The individual bass, drum, guitar, and vocal parts are a delight to listen to, but together are unbeatable! Lastly, Carl Wilson (lead vocals) is hands down my favorite male vocalist of all time.

I'd first heard it when I was 12, (Charlie Goldman lent me his "Spirit of America" record), and this song immediately stood out. Even then, I related to its sentiment.

Check it out and let us know what you think of it! Thanks.

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