Singing Telegrams

I would love to provide a special singing telegram for your party, occasion, or event, and have a great deal of experience performing a fun variety of characters and music with a personalized message for the telegram recipient.

I specialize in composing and singing a personalized song, (based on info. you give me), or songs (medley)--often comedic versions of well known songs.

I also add an additional element of entertainment by playing a character--I do impressions of each of The Beatles, (for which I won "Outstanding Solo Show" in the New York International Fringe Festival--I can smoothly morph between each Beatle, having each deliver a "fab" message--and I usually accompany myself on guitar for this character), a funny Eastern European "Rabbi" character, as well as a silly, over-the-top "Chicken/Man" character.

I could also just play the songs straight with no costume if you'd like.

I am happy to work with you to make this the best experience! 

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Costumed Characters

Buck B'Gak, Licensed, Certified,   Regis

Buck B'Gak, The Chicken Man

Rabbi Dave Jay.jpg

Rabbi Dave Jay

All 4 Beatles Guy

Dave Jay as Santa.jpg

Santa-Gram, anyone??