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Celebrating our third wedding anniversary...

I wrote this song for my amazing, beautiful wife, performed it live at our intimate wedding on November 21st, 2018, and recorded it at my pal's Red Pants Studio as a first anniversary gift.

It tells our story from my standpoint...enjoy!

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Who doesn't remember fondly the K-Tel Records & Tapes ads from TV several decades ago?

Since our brand focuses on an appreciation for 20th century vintage, we present the following ad for our band, The Sound of Monday's new record release, "Open Hearted Broken Record", in the style of such aforementioned ads...enjoy!

Listen to "Open Hearted Broken Record" by clicking here:

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Updated: Nov 9

Oh, sure, Mother West Records and my band, The Sound of Monday have released our Insightful Entertainment productions featuring The Punctuation People for streaming and download, but do you even know who they are? Find out by clicking below...enjoy!

Please click here to stream "The Punctuation People":

Please click here to enjoy "The Punctuation People" vids.:

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