Who says you can’t have fun

AND learn at the same time?

Insightful Entertainment is Dave Jay’s production company, notable for his variety of informative, yet entertaining music videos, recordings and live performances.

Under the Insightful Entertainment banner, Dave Jay has collaborated with colleagues such as Ignite! Learning, but has also developed a reputation for producing his own clever, original, broadcast-ready material.

Dave Jay has developed his own “Schoolhouse Rock-esque” series of music/videos, including One Minute Autobiography and The Punctuation People (designed to pithily teach kids about iconic figures from history and punctuation marks, respectively, set to catchy, upbeat, original music). 

Kids of all ages are being delighted with the clever songs and antics of DAVE JAY.


Learning has never been this much fun!


Ma & Pa Rentheses

The Punctuation People Theme Song

Ms. Exclamation

Ma & Pa Rentheses

Question Markowitz in "Riddler on the Roof"

The Commas & The Stoppers

Don Period

One Minute Autobiography Theme Song

One Minute Autobiography: Einstein

One Minute Autobiography: Shakespeare

One Minute Autobiography: Gandhi

One Minute Autobiography: Babe Ruth

Dave Jay, Vegetable Coach