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"Hey, Inconsiderate!" (Official Video)

With the release of our new single comes this awesome, fun video by our brilliant friend & colleague, Evan Seplow and his company, TheImageFactory.

I wrote this song in the late 90s, after riding the NYC subway in rush hour traffic.

Fortunate to get a seat, I found myself canopied by a straphanger's NY Times directly atop my head.

As I sat there in that "tight tent" just barely grazing my scalp, I screamed to him in my head, "Hey, Inconsiderate! Move your #$%@-in' newspaper!", feeble as I was at the time, anemicly unable to stand up for myself. Instead, remembering the phrase, I wrote this song.

Somewhat forgotten about amongst a flurry of many other songs written during this period, I pulled it out in 2003 when I'd had the opportunity to record an EP with the unstinting Charles Newman for Mother West, to be produced by the fantastic Danny Weinkauf.

The tune had been written somewhat bluesy, but DW's fresh take was to make it more along the lines of an indie pop/rock anthem, and he was spot on...enjoy!

The album cover art was a photo shot by our masterful pal, Barry Korbman for Korbman & Co. Photography.

You can stream & download the track here:

And, it would be very considerate of you to please follow us on socials here:

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