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Playin' Like A Jet!

My beloved NY Jets's victorious performance against the reigning NFC Champs, Philadelphia Eagles this past Sunday brought me back to the Coach Rex Ryan days, which had inspired this "12th Man Anthem", called Playin' Like A Jet, an expression Coach Ryan used to describe tough, resilient, no-quit play.

Here's the music video, shot at a Staten Island Public Access TV station on an extremely wintry January night the week the Jets beat Peyton Manning's Colts in the Wildcard round to progress to the Divisional round. There was a torrential snowstorm on the drive home, and I thought I might just hydroplane, crash and die, despite only moving 2.7 MPH.

I eventually made it home safely, my friend Sandhya edited the vid. the next night, and one day later it had over 13K views (which back then was "viral", baby!). I parlayed that good fortune into an appearance on Good Day NY, a local news program, as well as CBS News.

Here now, the song and vid. that made it all possible...enjoy!

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