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Working with THE Ian McDonald!

My brilliant videographer friend, Evan called one day, and said, "What are you doin' tomorrow morning?"And, with that, I was cast as the band, Honey West's comedic foil, "Annoying Reporter Guy" for their (then) forthcoming album promo.

Little had I realized that I'd be working with the legendary Ian McDonald, who I've learned, sadly passed away last week. Ian was a founding member of iconic bands, King Crimson and Foreigner, and couldn't have been a nicer guy. Though rather quiet and unassuming, when I spoke to he and the other band members off camera, they were all friendly and had a sense of humor.

Furthermore, when I needed industry advice, I was able to give Ian a call, and pick his brain. Indeed, I found him to be modest and thoughtful.

R.I.P. Ian McDonald. Check out Honey West's aforementioned Promo. below...enjoy!

Plus, here are a few minutes with the man to get a sense of what he was like:

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